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Twitter Chat: Let's talk hydration and IBD!


Summer is upon us! What better time to talk about ways to beat the heat than now? Join us for a special #GWGChat on June 26th from 7-9pm EST about Hydration and IBD with co-hosts Amanda Stayner, RD, of Froedtert Hospital, Alison Rothbaum of Empowering Patients and support from DripDrop!

Alison Rothbaum, (@empoweringpts9), was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in 1994. She’s had her ileostomy since 2003, and founded Empowering Patients LLC in 2006. You can find Empowering Patients, “Advocating to clarify the healthcare world with you.”, on almost all social media platforms! 

Amanda (Mandi) Stayner, MS, RD, CD works at Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee Wisconsin. In their outpatient GI clinic she sees a variety of patients but her specific focus is IBD, Short Bowel Syndrome, and as part of a team to manage home parenteral nutrition patients. Follow her on Twitter at @mandistaynerRD!

DripDrop (@drinkdripdrop on Twitter) "As an oral rehydration solution (ORS), every stick of DripDrop is meticulously formulated for fast absorption, making dehydration recovery as effective as an IV – without the excess sugar in sports drinks."

Follow the conversation @IBDGirls using #GWGChat!

Hope to Tweet you there!