Join us for Girls With Guts’ annual Virtual 5K fundraiser!

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When is it?

Our Virtual 5K this year is an entire weekend - September 7-8, 2019! We want to give everyone more time to get their 5K!

How do I register?

You register for the race using the link below, and complete the 5k distance between September 7-8, 2019, however you want. There is no start or end time. We don’t track time for this 5k because the event is more about our community than it is a competition. But you can certainly track your time if you want. Search for the Girls With Guts team on Charity Miles! You have to use another umbrella organization like CCFA and then search for #GirlsWithGuts under teams.

You can connect with other ladies in your area to start teams via our Facebook forum!

Who can participate?

Absolutely anyone! If you’re a Girl With Guts, you love a Girl With Guts, if you just like thinking about guts - we encourage you to join! We encourage participants of all ages, genders, and ability levels.

If you can’t currently run, walk, skateboard, or crabwalk, you can still participate! Register for the event and help us fundraise! You’ll still receive a racing packet.

Can I walk?

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Participants are encouraged to complete their race all at once, but we understand that not everyone is able to complete our minimum 5k distance in one outing. The Girls With Guts Virtual 5K is less about your race results and more about bringing our community together to accomplish mutual goals and have a successful fundraiser.

Is this a fundraiser?

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Yes! Much like other walks or runs, we're encouraging participants to set fundraising goals and spread the word to meet those goals.

Although it is not a requirement, our goal is to have each participant raise $200. All participants who hit at least $200 will receive exclusive an GWG merch item! 


Are there any incentives for fundraising?

Yes! We have prizes for those who reach and exceed the fundraising goal!

Tier 1 (at least $2000) - Future Retreat registration (approx $300 value) AND your travel will be covered!

Tier 2 (at least $1000) - Future Retreat registration (approx $300 value).

Tier 3 (at least $500) - 50% off Future Retreat registration (approx $150 value).

If you are a NEW Attendee of a GWG Retreat, we have alternate giveaway tiers for you.

Tier 1 (at least $2000) - Guaranteed Retreat registration (approx $300 value) AND your travel will be covered!

Tier 2 (at least $1000) - Guaranteed Retreat registration (approx $300 value) where you get to avoid the application process for a future New Attendee Retreat!

Tier 3 (at least $500) - A Tushy Bidet (approx $69 value).

Can I sponsor the virtual summit or 5k?

Absolutely! Our sponsorship levels are below and you can check our entire sponsorship packet for more information here.

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What do I get for registering?

All 5K participants will get a t-shirt, a race bib, some other race/walk goodies and online training information. Shipping is included in your registration fee. 

*Item color and design may slightly differ.*

*Item color and design may slightly differ.*

How do i register?

Purchase your registration by clicking the link below and register yourself solo or start a team and promote it, and start fundraising!