Butt Baskets

The Girls With Guts Butt Baskets are full of all kinds of goodies to help you or your loved one make it through their IBD-related surgery. Before you fill out the application, read all the directions and eligibility requirements.


Women (18+) facing bowel surgeries limited to either ostomy or internal pouches like J-pouches. (Kock pouches are not included)

Patients are only eligible for a Butt Basket once.
If you're on your way to an internal pouch, we recommend forgoing the ostomy Butt Basket, and getting the one recommended for internal pouches. 

You can apply for yourself or a loved one.

*US only for now.


To make the products in the Butt Baskets most useful, it needs to be delivered as close to your surgery date as possible.  

Ideally, these will be delivered while the patient is still in the hospital. 

Due to the time restraints and limited quantity of baskets we may not be able to accommodate your request so not everyone will receive a Butt Basket. 

We'll notify you if your application is selected. 




Apply for a Butt Basket below

What is your name? *
What is your name?
If you or your nominee is having ostomy surgery, will the ostomy be temporary or permanent?
If the ostomy is temporary, approximately how long is the patient expected to have it?
What is the surgery date?
What is the surgery date?
Please provide the address where we should send the Butt Basket.
Please provide the address where we should send the Butt Basket.
We only ship in the US for now so if you are not from the US, please close this form.