Mighty Answers: What's in Your Emergency Kit


Empower. Support. Sisterhood.

Sometimes you have to search for a safe place to find support. That is why Girls with Guts works with multiple partners to empower women with IBD or other chronic illnesses on various platforms, including The Mighty.

The Mighty is a social media platform just for people facing health challenges and/or disabilities. Story feeds contain messages of encouragement and questions to help others dealing with similar problems. You may find surprising similarities with people battling other chronic illnesses.

Recently, we asked about Emergency Kits. Unfortunately, I have had enough accidents in public places that I learned I need to carry something I dubbed my, "just-in-case case."


It contains several basics for a gal with Crohn's Disease:

  • Nausea bag

  • Diaper rash ointment like Calmoseptine

  • Wipes

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Latex gloves

  • Extra underwear and bag to toss soiled clothing

  • Poo-pouri

  • DripDrop

  • Stain remover

Here's what a few of our followers on The Mighty had to say:

2skrd@inch-by-inchUnited States •

I like your style!!!! Just came across your posts and love your attitude and energy- your are SO right- our #chronicillness es require prior thinking - and allow us to hide under the “high maintenance girl” category- and I never thought about it As hidden- I just thought I WAS one- but- maybe.... I am BOTH!!! LOL!
That said, this is my stuff— hand sanitizer, individually wrapped handiwipes, tissues, chap stick, fancy purse pill-compact, water bottle, credit card, lipstick, cardigan, hair tie, and all in a fabulous bag.... tote (Kate Spade)

Cera@JIAceraUnited States •

Nausea meds, pain meds, pain salve, cbd nasal spray, sunblock, sunglasses, ibuprofen, hand sanitizer, knee and wrist brace, trail mix and water. Constantly in my purse and car. I’ve had people tell me I’m like a soccer mom, “you’re so prepared!” Well when my chronic illness decides to flare up, I have to be prepared!

In fact, IBD gals aren't the only ones who have to plan ahead.

AmyF@catherinefUnited States •

I have eye condition so I have extra sunglasses, my glasses, extra contact lens case, and contact solution.
slp2baud2b@slp2baud2bUnited States •

I have asthma and endometriosis. Right now I have a rescue inhaler, nose spray, tissues, and hand sanitizer for asthma and Motrin for endometriosis. If anyone has any other suggestions of what keep with me to manage an Endo flare up please let me know! Thank you in advance

Dar Hall@chronicdiseasedivaUnited States •

I have refractory Myasthenia GravisEDS, CVID, POTS & gastroperesis (and a few other things). MG can land me inpatient unexpectedly. I keep a bag with comfy pj’s (I won’t wear hospital johny’s), wet wipes, an extension cord, device charger, toothpaste, tiger balm and tiger balm patches, peppermint oil, underwear, deodorant, dry shampoo, hair brush. I put it right next to my bipap bag hanging on a hook outside my closet door so it’s easy for anyone to find.

One way to empower yourself is to have the right tools. That often means carrying an emergency kit. What's in your just-in-case case?


Manda Barger has been an IBD warrior since 2013. She was eventually diagnosed with Crohn's disease and put on a biologic treatment, but that hasn't stopped her from being a media mama! Manda is an award-winning journalist, artist, wife, and mother.

When she is not working or tied to an IV line, Manda loves reading, painting, singing, gardening, and taking adventures with her husband and son. She's also an avid animal lover and devoted to her cat and dog.