GWG Secret Sister Holiday Exchange FAQs

GWG is so excited for our Secret Sister Holiday Exchange! Sign up officially ended last night, and you should have received your match! We thought we'd cover a few FAQs about the exchange to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Question: When can I sign up?

Answer: Sign up ended yesterday! Keep an eye out for next year.

Question: I'm in the Facebook Private Forum, but the person I got matched with isn't. Is this ok?

Answer: Yes! We posted about the exchange on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and here!

Question: Do I have to buy a gift?

Answer: If you don't want to purchase a gift, handmade gifts always appreciated!

Question: When should I send my gift?

Answer: Please send gifts out by December 15th at the latest to ensure that your Secret Sister gets hers in time for the holidays!

Question: What should I get my Secret Sister?

Answer: If you can't think of any ideas for what to send your Secret Sister, you can always send something YOU love: a favorite tea, candy, or book.

Question: How much should I spend?

Answer: The spending limit is $20.

Question: How should I deliver my gift?

Answer: If you know your secret sister, you can give your gift in person. Otherwise, you should mail your gift.

If, for some reason, you're unable to provide a gift to your secret sister, please reach out to GWG directly as soon as possible.