Welcome to the team: Kristen Sanders

We're so excited to welcome our newest blog coordinator, Kristen Sanders, to the Girls With Guts team. Look out for some awesome blog posts from her! So you get to know Kristen a little better, here are some fun facts:

  1. Her mom has Crohn's and her grandma had UC. Her grandma has had a J-Pouch for 32 years! Kristen officially has a diagnosis of Crohn's.
  2. Kristen first got sick in 2002 at 14 years old. Her colon came out in 2008, and her J-Pouch lasted until 2013. For Christmas in 2013, Kristen got Roo, her permanent end ileostomy.
  3. Kristen has a master's in neuroscience from Emory University. She's had an awesome experience with drunk rats and mice coming out of anesthesia.
  4. After her first colonoscopy, Kristen woke up and told her mom, "Orange muffin papers," and immediately fell back asleep.
  5. She watched so much Beauty and the Beast when she was on prednisone that her 8 year old sister finally hid the DVD from her.
  6. Kristen was napping in the car once, on prednisone, and woke up to tell her mom and sister, "STOP TALKING, I have something to say!"
  7. She moved to Atlanta, GA for grad school on 2010. She's still very much a Yankee in a southern world.
  8. If a recipe calls for a clove of garlic, she adds 3.
  9. She also has mad skills for writing while drugged, because she had to write a bunch of her thesis while hospitalized for MRSA. She has no memory of half of it.
  10. She has stoma people, featured in the pic.

Let's give Kristen a warm welcome, and we're so excited to have her as a part of the GWG team!