Jenn's Big Blow Out - A Colon Going Away Party

Jennifer, one of the GWGs in the Facebook Forum, shared her story of some incredible friends and support she received from her best friends.

"I've been friends with these 3 girls since 1st grade. The other 2 are the older sisters of my friends. Not that we're counting, but that's over 30 years that I've known and loved these women.

We have been through each other's lives through every up and down. When I got sick, they were some of my biggest supporters, including their older siblings and parents. They threw me "Jenn's Big Blow Out" aka: my colon’s going away party. The signs says "Bye Colon, We are Tired of Your Shit" and "Jenn, You've got this in the bag."

This is true friends. They never once laughed at me but we laughed all day!!

Since I was diagnosed with UC 2.5 years ago, they have been by my side through everything. Like the birthday that I was flaring so bad I couldn't eat anything, they put a candle in a slide of bread and a banana. When I couldn't leave the house for months, they came to my house every week for girl's night. And when I was in the hospital, they were right there by my side.

Right now I'm struggling with the ostomy bag. It's not sticking and very painful, and every morning I have a text to ask if my bag lasted through the night. They really love me.

I'm so blessed in my life. So many people say that you know who your true friends are when you go through tough times. I would absolutely agree with that, but I didn't need a tough time to know that these ladies would never let me down. This is just a way to highlight how amazing they are."  - Jennifer O.

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