It's a Celebration

The 5 Year Girls With Guts Celebration is coming! We'll be in Chicago from September 22-24 celebrating YOU! We want to give all of our amazing and strong GWG thanks for supporting us over the last 5 years. This event is different from our usual retreats, but you can still expect the same positive environment, guest speakers, friendships, and activities throughout the weekend. Still on the fence about attending? Here's a sneak peak into the days of the Celebration.

Note that your registration covers you throughout the event, including a special trip to the Shedd Aquarium, meals provided at the events, guest speakers, and some other surprises.

Friday, September 22

2:30 - New Attendee Program. If you're a new attendee this year, you're required to attend this event. Make sure you book your travel accordingly.

4-6 pm - Arrival and check in for all attendees. You can pick up any Girls With Guts merch during this time!

6-7 pm -  The Celebration opening ceremony. This is the kickoff for the weekend.

7- 7:30 pm - Join us for some ice breakers, so we can all get to know one another.

7:30 pm - Treat yo'self to a snack break.

7:30 - 9:00 pm - Join us for some 5 year cheer, and celebrate with cocktails and mocktails.

Saturday, September 23

8 am - Join us for some breakfast!

10:30 am - We're heading to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago for a morning with the fishes. You'll enter the aquarium in our group, and get to look around for however long you'd like! Then, join us for Lunch at the Shedd, where we'll eat amongst the fishes. Make sure that you RSVP for this event! RSVP information to come later.

11:30 am - 2 pm - If the fishes aren't your thing, or you have some other Chicago sites you want to visit, this is your time. Rest, have lunch, mingle with some new friends, whatever you'd like to do.

2:15 pm - Meet us back at the hotel to attend the panel session, featuring Dr. Riehl , Dr. Nandi and Stephanie Horgan.

4:30 pm - Take another rest, and start getting ready for the Gut Gala!

6:00 pm - The Gut Gala! For this event, you can dress up, or dress down. Wear whatever you're comfortable in! The Gut Gala takes place in the hotel with dinner provided. We'll take this time to get fancy and celebrate a little more.

7:30 pm - The Gut Gala Ceremony. After your dinner, we'll hear from past attendees about their experiences with Girls With Guts, and take some time to honor YOU!

8:30 pm - Take a load off, if you need it, and grab a provided snack.

9 pm - The party isn't over yet! Justin Berkman, a comedian with IBD, performs for us!

Sunday, September 24

8:00 am  - Join us again for some breakfast to start your day off right!

9:00 am - We'll take a group photo. We want everyone to wear their Celebration t-shirt. You'll get a special keepsake to take home with you for this photo.

10:00 am -12:00 pm -  Workshops! We'll have some speakers leading talks about different topics relating to IBD. More to come!

12:00 pm  Closing ceremony

1:00 - 2 pm - Checkout and official end of the weekend. Make sure you give yourself enough time for your travel arrangements if you made them!