Guts Out for World IBD Day

World IBD Day is just around the corner - Friday, May 19! World IBD Day, in case you didn't know, is led by patient organizations, representing 38 countries, worldwide to unite people in their fight against IBD. The day is coordinated by EFCCA. This day is so important for so many reasons - but most importantly to increase the visibility into IBD and to show the world that it's nearly everywhere and could affect anyone. And the increase in visibility is so important, because, for so many of us, our IBD is invisible. We don't "look sick," so how could we possibly have any idea what it's like to be sick?

I hope all of you are rolling your eyes right now.

Anyway, this year, Girls with Guts wants to participate in World IBD Day in a big way! We want to erase the stigma of a sometimes invisible illness, by posting our bellies, battle scars, and bags to social media, all at the same time, wherever we are. Think IBD-digital-flash-mob. Or Guts out for World IBD Day.

Let's be loud, proud, and clear to break the stigma that still exists surrounding IBD and having an ostomy.

Here's how YOU can participate:

  • Post a picture of your belly, bag, or battle scars using the hashtag #GWGFLASHMOB on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!
  • Share your story along with your post using the hashtag. You'll help all of us spread some awareness to our social circles, and flood your feeds with your scars and stories!
  • Post your photos at 8PM EDT, 7PM CDT, and 5PM PDT depending on your time zone. You can even put your post together ahead of time, so all you have to do is hit Post when the time comes!

Set a reminder in your phone, calendar, planner, or whatever you prefer and join us! We can't wait to see your #GWGFLASHMOB posts!