Girls with Guts Global 5K

Did someone say running?  It’s that time of year again. When the weather starts to warm up, the sun hangs out a little bit longer, and we find ourselves drawn to the longer days. And there’s no better time to resume running than when the weather actually starts to agree with you.

And, what’s more, the Girls with Guts Global 5K is coming up. An awesome chance to fundraise, spread awareness, and to dust off your running shoes and hit your favorite trail. Whether it’s the park, your neighborhood, or a trail carved out especially for running, it’s time!

Now, I know I don’t speak for most when I say that I love running. I do. It’s a great stress reliever and a time for me to just get out and forget about the world, my IBD meds, work, everything. But I love to jump at the opportunity when I can take my runs and use it for someone else, too.

I’ve ran my fair share of 5Ks and attempted to train for a half-marathon, which I got partially through. Bad weather and bad guts and, fine, I admit it, a lack of motivation, crept up and got the best of me. It happens. We’re human, we get sick, we get tired, and sometimes, you just really need to sleep in until at least noon when it’s twenty degrees outside and you can finally binge watch Parks and Rec for the third time over.

But I get really excited for the Girls with Guts Global 5K. Lemme tell you why.

  1. You can do this wherever you want. Amazing. Seriously, ladies. You can get on a treadmill and binge watch your show. You can run down your street. You can gather a bunch of your friends and go window shopping...or actual shopping. It’s limitless. Go wherever you want!
  2. You don’t have some record to break. You can WALK. That’s right, WALK. It doesn’t matter if it takes you five hours to walk 5K, or if you manage to somehow blast through and finish in like 15 minutes. You get to take it at your own pace. And since you’re not in a giant crowd of running superheroes, the pressure is off.
  3. Friends! Family! Significant others! Others! Oh my! You get to force whoever you want to go with you. And walking or running or speed walking or turtle running is way more fun when you have someone to go with. Catch up with an old friend. Hang out with your family doing something different. Or call your best friend who moved across the country and force them to stay on the phone and have witty banter until you finish. Hit up your gals in Butt Buddies and walk together.
  4. Celebrate! Ok, so one really fun thing about 5Ks is the celebration at the END. The celebration of YOU. You did something incredible. You did something to help someone. You. So celebrate, girl! Have a destination in mind and end there! Or, meet back at home and force your s.o. to rub your tired feet. Whatever sounds good to you. Celebrate that victory! Treat yo’self!
  5. Social media! This is also a great reason. You get to humblebrag on all of your outlets. Who knows? You might just inspire someone to join you next year. But you get to show the world of the Internet what a badass thing you got up and did. PLUS, you get to connect with all the other women and their families, friends, whoever else, walking or running with you.

Those are some pretty awesome reasons. And I’m sure there are a million more. Swag? That’s a thing. SWAG. I’d do a lot of things for swag. Think of how adorable you’ll look in your GWG tee, AND if you beat your fundraising goals, you’ll add to your swag kit. Which will ultimately inspire mad jealousy and make you look even cooler than you already are.

Ramblings about swag aside, this is just an awesome opportunity to help raise money for a pretty badass organization that’s working hard to benefit you and your sisters with IBD. So get that registration on!