5k Training-Build your Base!

The following post was created by Applied Fitness Solutions for Girls With Guts. Are you interested in joining us for our Virtual 5k? Are you worried that you've never trained? Are you looking for some help in your training routine? Applied Fitness Solutions is helping us provide you with some great training tips leading up to the 5k! Check back for more tips and information from AFS in the upcoming months!


It’s an early summer morning and the day of your first 5k has arrived!

You’re rocking your new running shoes, you’ve got your fuel belt, your lucky running skort, everything is in order! You’re all set to do your 5k, but wait…did you remember to pick up your fitness along with the way?

So often, runners think all they need to do is run. Although that is very important, it’s not the foundation a successful program is based on. Before you can be fit for your sport, you just need to be physically fit. This approach not only ensures you minimize the risk of injury, but it also ensures you maximize your opportunity for a great performance and a fun race-day experience.

Follow the steps below to build your base of fitness for running and optimizing your performance.

Lose Body Fat

If you have any extra body fat to lose, losing it PRIOR to starting your running program will help tremendously. There’s no better way to get faster and reduce injury risk than for you to run with less of you pounding the pavement. Even if you reduce your weight by only five pounds, that by itself can reduce your running speed by up to ten seconds per mile. Further, losing that same five pounds will also reduce compressive stress on your lower body joints by 20 pounds! There are certainly some considerations when Running for Fat Loss, so please read more by clicking on the link.


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