More Information About Our Big Announcement Today

A few months ago I wrote to you with honesty and transparency about where Girls With Guts was as an organization. The outpouring after that post was amazing. Today, I write to you on the same day that we make an extremely large announcement. I'd like to maintain that same level of transparency with you from today forward. As of today, I will no longer be the President of Girls With Guts, but I am transitioning to Executive Director. To you, our client, this announcement may not seem like a very big deal. In fact, you may be wondering how this will affect you at all, or why you should care. In the broad spectrum, you should care because upwards of 80% of small business (including non-profits) fail in their first 5 years. Girls With Guts is doing the opposite of failing; we are growing rapidly. As you are part of this organization, you should feel power in knowing that the underdog is doing well! For a small non-profit, the ability to hire a full-time staff member is rarely achieved. For us, this means making an investment in the company itself and also in you. By hiring an Executive Director, our doors are open to you more often and our programs will expand to meet your needs. The whole Board working full time jobs and doing GWG on nights and weekends wasn't cutting it anymore.  We deserve a break here and there, and you deserve more.

As a company, Girls With Guts needs to expand our staff as fast as our client base is expanding. This is the first step and it’s exciting and it feels really good. As a person, this is a terrifying leap of faith that I'm taking and hoping that you guys will throw out a net. Watching your dream grow this fast has been unreal but changing the whole trajectory of your life to help it grow is a really scary thing. I have absolute faith that this is the right thing for GWG at this time.

Over the next year you will notice some changes in GWG. There will be some growing pains and it’s likely there will be a big learning curve. We ask that you are patient with us and understand that you always come first in this organization and we make all of our choices with you in mind. And, as always, we ask that you let us know how we're doing and how you're doing.

So, here is the sincerest thank you that I have ever given. Thank you to our donors and sponsors. Thank you to our supporters who attend our retreats. Thank you if you wear your GWG shirts with pride. Thank you if you've told your doctors about us. Thank you for believing in our dream and getting us to this point.


In the spirit of transparency, here are some answers to some questions you may have.

 What is the difference between President and Executive Director?

As President I oversaw the Board of Directors as a volunteer. As Executive Director I will be a full-time paid employee and oversee all day to day activities and quite simply be able to do more for GWG than I was before.

I thought Girls With Guts was a non-profit, how are you getting paid?

Non-profits are much like other for-profit businesses and many of them have paid employees. Think about your local CCFA chapter. There are many paid employees there. Paying employees in non-profits is part of administrative costs for the business and funding for all things non-profit comes from fundraising, donors, and sponsorships.

So does that mean when I donate to GWG now that my money is paying your salary?

GWG has created budgets for all of our programming and administrative costs like advertising, federal paperwork, etc. My salary is now included in that budget. As before, your donations will go to the big pool of money that we start with, and will be designated to different areas of GWG to help complete and fund those budgets

So what does this mean for me as a GWG supporter and/or client?

We want to use this next year to grow and reach more people, but also to make our current client experiences better and more useful. We believe in this change as an investment in GWG, and in our future as an organization, and we hope that you will continue to support us throughout this journey.





Jackie Zimmerman

Executive Director, GWG