Actor and IBDer Ken Baumann On IBD, Ostomies, Sexiness, and Beauty: "The most beautiful people I know are the kindest."

Ken in the hospitalQuickly: I want to remind you why you shouldn't let Crohn's or colitis define your sense of self, sexiness, or beauty.Paula Pell sums it up nicely.

I agree with Paula. Sexiness is much more than a symmetrical face, a chic weight, whatever. The sexiest women I know are all—first and foremost—brave. They speak their minds. They do as they please. They have a sense of self-worth that isn't anchored by the "beauty" or "sexy" that magazines sell us. Next time you're in the magazine aisle, really look at all those magazine covers. After a minute, they all start to blur together. That's because the beauty that companies want to sell you has to be bland, has to be homogenous. It's cheaper to market one idea of beauty.

Don't let your idea of beauty come from the makeup companies. Beauty is conviction, passion, kindness. The most beautiful people I know are the kindest. And regardless of disease or pain or disability, you can control how kind you are. To speak personally: my dad has suffered from chronic pain for thirty years. That didn't stop him from being a gentle, loving, goofy dad. You can beat it.

Another example for you. Permanent ostomy? No excuse. Júlía, my friend, is badass (Check out her page!). An artist, a musician, a great writer. She's had five (FIVE!) abdominal surgeries in two years. And yet: she's brave, beautiful, sexy. See?

So don't despair. Follow Paula and Júlía's leads. And have fun.

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